Our job is to find out which social media platform(s) work best for you. Our Services include:

1. SPECIAL EVENTS - Package Includes:
  • Personalized social media strategies for specific events using your social media platforms.
  • On-site coverage of the event providing constant updates in near to real time.
    • This is done using a combination of  text, pictures and/or videos posts.
  • Using the social media channels to livestream the events.
  • Online monitoring of the event’s trending status as it occurs
  • Reposting of content from fellow participants during the event
  • Analysis of the campaign and a report on its effectiveness.
  • A specified time-frame for the campaign to maximize ROI.
2. BRANDING - Package Includes:
  • Social media branding concepts such as:
  • Promotional digital flyers for your events or activities.
  • Promotional video(s) of your events, activities and/or business. Videos require:
    • Going out on location and capturing captivating content that adheres to the time constraints of the specified social media channels.
    • Videos can be easily repurposed and distributed on your social media channels and other digital platforms.
  • A review of the social media goals for the business/organization/individual and an analysis of the prospective client’s existing portfolio, if applicable.
  • A report of recommended platforms and detailed action points for each.
  • Oversight of the design of the selected platform(s).
  • Creation of customer relevant content.
  • Creation and curation of all published content (images, video and text).
  • Customized matching and repurposing of content to appropriate social media platforms to maximize strategic objectives.
  • Monitoring, listening and responding to users in the appropriate social media parlance.
  • Monitoring of the social media portfolio(s) of industry competitors and associated trends.
  • Compilation of a periodic report of the engagement that occurred on the social media platforms and the ROI achieved.